Fall River Massachusetts

By Shawn . . . I titled my story after the city and state I have been registered in for well over a decade now. Well I’m certain you have heard many horror stories about people who have ended up on the registry, I can assure you most of them are not true. For my part I committed a sexual offense in ignorance. I had been taught at a very early age, for example, sexual exposure and interaction between adults and children was “normal and healthy” . I was victimized in such a fashion that I enjoyed it anchor up to believe that such behavior was normal. I never had a therapist parent or teacher talk to me about the age of consent or why certain activities that felt really wonderful was still wrong. This does not in any way excuse my behavior but it certainly explains how I was able to do as I did with no remorse or…

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Years of feeling lost, anger, and distrust.

By Jeff . . . Well, where to begin. In 2005 I was charged with Statutory Rape, as a 15 year old. The “victim”, 13 a girlfriend of 2 years, in a non-sexual relationship that eventually did become sexual. Even after being charged, she was writing me letters as I sat in juvenile hall, however I did not get the letters, I was notified through my attorney and mother of them. All parents knew of our relationship, including her entire family, dad, mother, grandma, aunts and uncles. No one objected, except for my mother telling me to stay away from her that she didn’t like, nor trust her. As you could imagine, I didn’t listen to my mother, which ultimately led to a worse outcome. In this time I had burglarized a couple home, which the state stacked those charges against me in addition to the statutory charge. The girl whom I was with, tried to come in on my…

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Teaching General Psychology in Jail

By Don R. . . I met a young African American man in jail, who impressed me as eager to learn. I told him I had been a psychology teacher for quite a few years. If he was interested, we could work on an introductory class together. Of course, we had no textbook or notes. But I had taught the class for so many years that I knew I could remember most everything without a book or lecture notes. He agreed to give it a try, probably in part because he (and we) needed to pass the time in some way. And thus we worked on the subject, primarily by one-to-one discussion and my drawing some diagrams I recalled from class. I personalized the class for him, and he personalized it as well. Soon we were having discussions for two or more hours each day. In the pod, with other inmates sitting at the table, listening in and sometimes making…

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Disabled Vet Wronged

By Eric . . . Its a long story. Astory that started in 1992 when I was discharged from the Army- general Under Honorable conditions. My time in was all Infantry. In those days the military didnt have aclasses and such to prepare people about to leave the mioitary. You were literally cut out and on your own the same day. Culture shock was setting in. I was homeless for about 6 months. I found work were I could, an odd job here and there. All told, over 65 jobs from 92′ – 06′. My mental health was not the best. Tried suicide twice. I finally got tired of all the BS I was getting for being on the “REG” in Michigan. So I thought I could start anew in Arizona. For the most part, not bad. But some things just dont change. Once a job finds oiut about your background, all the BS starts. And it dont stop there….

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The Ripple Affect

By Trent . . . In 2005, we adopted a child from foster care whom we had fostered for several years. At the time, we didn’t think we could have more children and wanted to provide a daughter with a loving home and stability. This opportunity gave her a second chance and brought immense joy to our lives. However, in a surprising turn of events, two years later, we discovered we were expecting another girl, who would be born with a rare brain condition called holoprosencephaly. She arrived in November 2007, and our lives began to revolve around constant visits to Dallas Children’s Hospital and OU Children’s Hospital. Due to her medical needs, we moved closer to OU Medical Center. During this challenging period, our adopted daughter started to act out, likely feeling neglected due to our focus on her sister’s health. We later learned that she had been in touch with her biological mother, attempting to have her regain…

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Banned From Home

By Christine . . . My son is a 28-year-old tier one sex off He has been living in a mobile home park with his girlfriend for one month whom is pregnant. He is not on the lease. The manager of the park Met him said she knew he has been staying there and that it is OK then found out he was a sex offender and is now banning him from the park did not offer him to fill out a application and have a background check like everybody else just specifically said he was banned from the park.

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Violation Of Due Process, You’re Not Alone!

By Michael . . . First off I will say that I do not intend to lay blame on anyone or any circumstance. Second, My intention is not to seek help because I’ve been told from time to time that help is unavailable without a price that I cannot afford. All I just want is to get my story out to those who will listen because it’s always fallen on deaf ears. In November 2013 I was arrested and charged with online solicitation of a minor. Even though I accidentally sent a message to a young girl that was intended for someone else, I do take full responsibility and I was willing to plead guilty. I bonded out and had a so called respectable lawyer to help in the process. September 2014 I had County Sheriff’s at my door with a warrent for my arrest. I asked what I was being arrested for and the response was ” You know…

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Keep Trying

By Steven . . . I see so many stories here that are full of despair. People that have given up hope, or feel like their life can’t be worthwhile because of their status as a sex offender. “I cannot get a job because of my status as a registered sex offender, the registry is terrible and unconstitutional, the cops/sheriff/legislature is out to get me, etc. I get it. I really do. I am on the registry too, and no matter what your complaint about the registry, I most likely agree with it. It needs to end. But until it does, at some point you have to realize you are where you are. You can’t snap your fingers and change your situation. So how do you get on with life the best you can? Can you still have a good, fulfilling life, regardless of what happens with the registry? Of course you can. I don’t mean in any way to…

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Removed after filing a habeas corpus

After 13 years on the registry of a 25 year sentence to the SOR Michigan by Oakland county trial court, I filed a lawsuit last July and a habeas corpus to the trial court Dec 18th, 2023 and the head county attorney emailed saying I was removed. ( and I am !)No relief yet on getting all the bogus convictions and VOID JUDGMENT removed but I expect it if they honor Michigan laws and jury instructions instead of the fraud filed by the AG..Any sting Op w/o a victim is bogus.Any home raid w/o an in person crime is bogus.Commercial activity is required in most valid prosecutions — monetary gains required using an underage real victim.Speak against your charges if you were arrested and no victim or in person crime/s occurred.File a habeas corpus after understanding this.Study the laws and jury instructions.

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By Michael . . . At 16 years old and full of hormones introduce another developing teenager into a situation where there is no one to stop either from their emotions or attractions. Yes you can deny it but the developed physical characteristics of a female have and probably always will have the attention of any young man. If the female in question is not deterred by what is appropriate or not and personal boundaries aren’t thought about then there is serious danger for both but more so for the young man. I made that mistake. It could st me two different prison sentences and some severe emotional distress from the so called therapist. Break the word therapist down as it was a compound word and that’s a more accurate description. Unwanted probing and forced suggestions are the same as any other unwanted attention isn’t it? Bottom line is I was wrong and did my time. Then the registry after…

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